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We act as an agent in the hidden jobmarket.
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Since 1991.

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Adensam Executive Placement

One of these strands is aimed at the hidden recruitment market. It is also occasionally called "reverse headhunting". Here, we specifically approach the relevant decision maker at a particular target company, arouse their interest in our consultancy client and then broker contact.

Our second area of activity consists of researching appropriate vacancies in the visible recruitment market for you and forwarding matches on to you. Application processes are then initiated.

The third, concurrent placement route is within our contact network. Since 1991, we have established many reliable contacts at company board level. In addition, we systematically maintain a network of the most important head hunters in Germany, who total around 200. We use these contacts for the placement of our consultancy clients.

An executive placement process always begins with a strength analysis, objective setting based on that analysis and optimisation of application documents.

Because it is now the case that every HR decision maker "googles" the candidate even before an initial interview, it is essential that, when changing position, you check any publicly visible social network profiles and, if necessary, edit them. This service is also included in the Executive Placement package.

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Should you not be able or not want to circulate openly on the job market, we provide reliable protection for your anonymity with a trust address. You decide to whom we can give your personal data and when.

Towards the end of the process, we accompany you through the contract negotiation phase. Executive placement clients frequently have several offers at the same time. This strengthens your negotiating position and means you have the chance to make the best of the situation.

Resumption guarantee: Should you not pass the probationary period in your new job, we will begin the consultation process anew. To avoid this being necessary, we offer you "on-board coaching" during the first few months.

In the event that a business start-up is a possibility in addition to placement in a new position (interim management, consultancy work, MBI, franchise or similar), we check this idea out for you and support you at the same time.

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Adensam Executive Placement

This extended Adensam team consists of;